Who is Proforma?

Our mission entails using modern analytics to deliver strong loan yield and new members by offering credit unions a fresh solution found between perceived and actual risk.

Proforma is a trio of companies operating under a single umbrella to master the Indirect auto loan business. Founded by a team of lifelong entrepreneurs and credit union experts, Proforma is a one-of-a-kind company offering an end-to-end bundle of services.

Proforma Fund® operates a sophisticated loan origination system connecting credit unions to local auto dealerships to reclaim lost market share in the near-prime sector.

Proforma Loan Servicing, Inc. handles the high-touch communications in service of the loan through payoff.

Proforma Guarantee, LLC ensures “never a bad loan, only sold loans.” Credit Unions may opt to sell any troubled loan back to Proforma using this strategy.

Recently added as a CUNA’s Strategic Service Alliance Provider, Proforma innovated a way to empower credit unions to improve yield up to 60% per loan while adequately reserving for risk and providing all the services necessary so that Credit Unions don’t need to build out their infrastructure.