Is Proforma Fund available in my market?

Proforma Fund partners with dealerships and community-based financial institutions in markets across the United States. However, within markets Proforma Fund restricts partnership opportunities to select credit unions and dealers.

What types of community-based financial institutions does Proforma Fund work with?

Proforma Fund partners with nonprofit credit unions to offer borrowers and dealers the opportunity to work with local financial institutions.

What is the ideal credit score for a Proforma Fund borrower?

Proforma Fund focuses on providing auto loans to non-prime borrowers, who are typically defined as having a credit score beginning around 580.

Are Proforma Fund loans available for used cars?

Proforma Fund partners with community-based financial institutions to offer favorable terms on new and newer pre-owned vehicles for borrowers with non-prime credit scores.

Who services a Proforma Fund loan?

Our team of customer-service experts provides end-to-end servicing on nonprime auto loans, reducing administrative expenses and allowing credit unions to focus on impacting their community.

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