Strategic Planning 1

Proforma Fund works with credit unions to create a path to increased profitability, and truly make a difference in their community.

JAMIE STRAYER, CDFI & Credit Union Thought Leader

JAMIE STRAYER (part one)

CDFI & Credit Union Thought Leader and Founder of CU Strategic Planning

Jamie founded CU Strategic Planning, a leading community development consultancy for credit unions serving underbanked, distressed, and marginalized populations. CU Strategic Planning continues its legacy of developing more award-winning U.S. Treasury CDFI Fund applications for credit unions than any other organization in the history of Treasury’s program.

CDFI award funding is a resource, not a goal. As a result of developing 150 award-winning CDFI Fund FA applications for 98 credit unions in 34 states, the CDFI Fund invested $135 million in credit unions to provide loans that increase equal access to capital for all Americans.

Focusing on that objective and with the natural growth of six business partners, CU Strategic Planning evolved to transition the entire credit union business model. Its mission is to unlock opportunities for credit unions to change lives and their communities.