After 28 years of working with credit unions, Proforma Fund comes along and checks all the boxes for securely growing yield and CU’s loan to share. It’s a win-win.

MIKE BEALL, CEO, CU Strategic Planning


CEO, CU Strategic Planning

CDFI, Credit Union, Governance and Cooperative Expert

I am an owner of CU Strategic Planning. My work is consulting with CEOs on the improvement of ROA, strategic planning, and building support for a credit union’s certification and winning grants as a Community Development Financial Institution.

I work with credit union leaders to find community partners and develop a new membership to support strong financial growth. We are interested in working with credit unions and community organizations to assist low to moderate-income families.

While doing all of that, I work to get Boards of Directors and staff engaged, aligned, and supportive of these initiatives. And I have a lot of fun and enjoyment doing it!