The Proforma Process

Proforma offers a unique solution to what is a complex system.

How do you make loans to borrowers with less than perfect credit without adding the institutional risk of uncertainty while delivering a substantially higher return on investment? 

Our process involves the creation of three companies operating as one. Each plays a critical role in the life of a loan. Together, they seamlessly bundle all the services necessary without individually engaging separate vendors for each activity.  

It begins at Loan Origination. Proforma Fund™ plays the lead in forming relationships with Credit Union approved local auto dealerships, identifying qualified borrowers, and completing the loan application and transaction process with strict guidance from our credit union client. 

A successful loan made by the credit union at a dealership means a newly minted member joins the family. Proforma Loan Servicing will take care of the high-touch communication stream for every new borrower through the life of the loan and provide opportunities to cultivate them into members who engage other credit union benefits.  

Finally, we like to say, “never a bad loan, only a sold one.” The Proforma Guarantee, LLC allows our credit union clients to hold reserve cash so that they may opt to sell back any troubled loan, no questions asked. Because Proforma uses a rigorous analytic process to identify qualified applicants at origination, adequately reserving for losses in advance becomes simplified. Even so, each of our clients’ Guarantee Fund delivers peace of mind by de-risking each loan made while maintaining the highest compliance standards observed by the industry. 

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