Why Proforma?

Proforma set out to address two problems:

1) Near-prime borrowers need cars—they don’t need predatory terms.

2) Credit Unions want to steward member deposits strategically while serving their community well—higher risk borrowers make that stewardship challenging.

The solution combines geography and modern analytics. What if both parties could find a “yes” at the local auto dealership? With Proforma, they can. You see, near-prime borrowers are driven by different concerns that make them ideal future credit union members. We can show you how.  

Proforma has also created the operations and rigorous controls to enable credit unions to reclaim some of that market at the dealer. What’s the pay-off?  

Proforma offers up to a 60% net yield increase with each new loan and only gets paid when a borrower successfully makes a payment. There are no hidden setup costs or subscription fees.  

To learn more about how we deliver, visit our Proforma Process page or contact us to start a conversation.